Lasting Efforts

by Crafter

In March 2019, “Lasting Efforts” will be released in LP form on Patient Zero Records


crafter / rig time


Lasting efforts

(the title track)


So a working title came first. I was glued to the words of the old Bane song, ever since I was a kid, with the lyrics being “it’s in the things that we said/all that it meant/ideals that won’t fade/every effort made.” I loved how Aaron made use of words to romanticize the efforts put into realizing ideals and goals, instead of delving into clichés on the ideals themselves. I think there is a certain beauty, a real charm, to coming to terms with effort as the actual goal in life, rather than in the end product or game.

When the title came to me, I knew I wanted to write a record that would realize, in each track, this very sentiment. I wasn’t going to call our record “Lasting Efforts” and then write eleven songs about a break-up. This record was going to be about action versus complacency, war versus peace, confusion versus clarity, and dark versus light. It was going to show, in each song, the valleys and the peaks and, hopefully, through cathartic lyricism, would end on the peaks I always strove to see realized in the music we create.

I was not going to write this record, or this song which encapsulates the record on the whole, in a negative light. I got exceptionally bored and fast with the unending waves of heavy and negative hardcore. With this newfound sense of jaded perspective, I decided to write something that wouldn’t be “positive,” but that wouldn’t leave the listener without a sense of hope. This is a record for people who grew up driving around and dreaming of a better life; for people who fought and wrestled their ideals, and unhooked the chains from the tethers of anyone who sought to stamp their mind with anything but truth. I wrote these songs for hungry kids and for the bored, for the office worker’s son and daughter or the kid who beat addiction after his friends didn’t come home. I didn’t write it for the kid who basks in self-loathing or pity, and who feels this need to wallow for attention on the internet. I just honestly did not write this song or record for everyone to relate to and I really don’t give a fuck about accessibility in the modern age, whatsoever. There are plenty of bands that will satisfy that craving, but this wasn’t going to be one of them.

This record is merely about trying and about doing our best. It can be that simple. It’s also about love, war, peace, loneliness, and watching the country change and stumble. In this track, I summed it up and, although it’s only track four on the record, it acts as a shot to the rest of the album.

The song itself was very much a revision musically. Originally, when the record was done, Dylan didn’t have this one in the canon. There was something else written in our demo tank and I wasn’t really feeling it. We talked about doing something with a big “wake the dead- esque” chorus as a blatant nod to that era of hardcore/punk, and he went back to his room and wrote this. I got all giddy at the chorus parts; big, melodic, gang-vocal worthy moments that I envisioned as room swelling and honest. Maybe that doesn’t happen in the age of the horseshoe show, but I could dream. So I said “this is going to be the title track and this is where the idea for the record gets pronounced.” I wanted it to shine, brighter than spit and polish, just as it was in its straightforward delivery. The effort is earned, the process is unending (“life is about doing the process and not the result” – Set Your Goals), and the fights we have along the way force us to choice and reason. I’d love to be able to say that I can always get there, but I guess that’s the very effort that I’ll have to keep striving for, life long.

-dedicated to the relics of the dead, and a bike lined up against that old maple tree, that was my cousins, parked in the woods across the street from the house I grew up in, for the past 25+ years. RIP.

 Kyle Taylor

Dylan Lampro

Tyler Mazza

Dalton Lampro

Jon Shackleton

Lasting Efforts will be released March 2019